Seampless Tubing with Externally Upset Ends and Couplings Hydrosulfid- and Cold-Resistant

TU 1308-206-0147016-01

The tubing per this TU is meant for regular operation in corrosive hydrosulfide media with parameters specified in Table 5 "Safety Regulations for Petroleum and Gas Industries". Besides, the tubing has enhanced corrosion resistance at well treating with hydrochloric acid and is cold-resistant up to temperature -50C.
The general corrosion rate for tubing metal is not more than 0.5 mm/year.
The tubes are manufactured with strength group Es with range as per GOST 633-80.

The range of tubes, subs and couplings is specified by Table 1.

Tube type Outside Diameter
Tube wall thickness,
Strength group
With Externally Upset Ends
as per GOST 633-80
5,5 : 7,0
6,5 : 8,0

The tubes are manufactured in version A per GOST 633-80.
In coordination with client the tubes can be manufactured with the length up to 11 meters.
The tubes are manufactured from tube shell made from steel 30 KhMBFA.

Mechanical properties of tubes and couplings are specified by Table 1.1.

Parameter description

Strength group

Tensile strength, σt,
N/mmІ (kgf/mm2),
not less than

657 (67)

Yield strength, σy,
N/mmІ (kgf/mm2),
not less than
not more than

549 (56)
657 (67)

Ratio σy/σt,
not more than


Rockwell hardness,
not more than

98 HRB

Elongation, δ5, %,
not less than


Impact strength at Charpy specimens,
J/cmІ (kg cm/mm2),
at test temperature -50C
not less than


Share of ductile component (V) at
test temperature -50C %,
not less than


Table 5 from "Safety Regulations for Petroleum and Gas Industries"

Produced fluid type

Hydrogen sulfide concentration,
volume percent in respect to the whole gas phase volume (in g/m
3 of gas)

Pressure abs., Pa (atm)

Humid gas or watery (with traces of water) oil with gas factor above 890 Nm3/m3

up to 0.075 (up to 1.15)
0.075-10.0 (1.15-154)
above 10.0 (above 154)

PH2S > 345 (35210^-5)
sum> 45 10^4 (4,6)
At any values of PH2S and sum

Humid gas or watery (with traces of water) oil with gas factor less than 890 Nm3/m3

up to 0.02 (up to 0.31)
0.02-4,0 (0,31-61)
4.0-15.0 (61-228)
above 15.0 (above 228)

PH2S > 345 (35210^-5) sum> 1,8310^6 (18,6) PH2S > 6,910^4 (0,7)
At any values of PH2S and sum

Note: All seven media variants are adequate in relation to corrosion activity.

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